Living in abundance

We believe and live in a completely different system, in a system in which everything that lives is connected again, we live in a giving economy. In this, unity and connection are core values ​​to live from. Trust in yourself, making sustainable (long-term) choices, attuning with each other, going your own path are the order of the day. The issues of the day do not exist in this, you are never swallowed up by a high pace of life, quick-fixes cannot survive and you never do anything because you should or should.

This means an abundant life, because everything that presents itself within the stream is received by us. There is no resistance in a giving economy. This means there is a lot of rest; After all, you never have to do something that doesn’t feel right and you can always choose what is right. Because of this there is space; you flow every day with that which presents itself or unfolds and you are always allowed to choose your own space. Because of this there is power; things from outside (which are not “giveconomy”) that do not feel good you let go, you do not have to do anything with that and you can fully stand for what is good for you. This creates confidence; you don’t have to worry about anything, everything will come as it comes and you can take action if you choose. Because of this there is compassion; everyone is allowed to follow their own path and make choices, if they do not (anymore) fit in with the flow of the giving economy, that is not a “problem”, then you let each other go.

The giveconomy is a debt-free system, not just financially. Because in a giving economy there is no one who lives from old patterns, beliefs, addictions or shortcomings, everyone is completely free.

From the core you make choices and you flow with what feels good, not because you have always done it that way, because that is your way of survival, because you think you cannot do otherwise or because you need it, but because you feel that, without conditions, is right for you. Somewhere very simple, but getting into the guilt-free, shame-free, sin-free zone requires a process of vulnerable self-reflection. Really looking at your old beliefs and letting them go is painful, also because you have often lived by those beliefs for years. Everything, absolutely everything, changes when you step into the giving economy.

In a giving economy every person is free to be who he really is, there is no guilt and shame about things you do or have done. We live in complete openness with each other, everything is allowed. This means that we are always vulnerable, because this is the only way to take good care of yourself. Isolation, being a victim, being dependent on things that lie outside yourself, we do not know that in a giving economy. We live unconditionally, do what feels right in the moment and bear the consequences of that choice.

That makes for a beautiful, simple life. Without stress, without resistance, without guilt and shame, without expectations, without shortcomings and above all without control. With a lot of connection, loving choices, attunement with what is around us, confidence in life and the natural state of being and an abundant feeling that we have so much to give to the world with our wonderful experiences of how things can really be different!

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